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What is pades and why should I use it? PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signature) is an electronic signature format dedicated to signing files with PDF extension. It is also the most convenient and popular method for signing documents and applying

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Good email practices – what is DKIM?  DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) is an authentication technique for incoming messages and additional security for your correspondence.  It uses public key cryptography solutions to detect malicious sources (so-called spam). By adding a header with a digital signature to the correspondence, the recipient can be sure that the sender of the message is indeed the owner of the domain and not someone impersonating him.  How does it work?  First, a key pair – private and public – is generated.  The sender of the message places the public key in a TXT record for generic DNS (Domain Name System) records, while the private key is contained in a digital signature added to a unique message header.  The header contains encrypted information about the generated signature and the message body.  A message encrypted in this way passes through the recipient’s mail server, where information from the sender’s DNS record is retrieved together with the public key. If the data are decrypted correctly, we receive a guarantee of receiving an authentic message from a trusted source (address owner).  DKIM, DMARC, SPF  All three standards are used for email authentication. They are complementary in their operation and, when used together, represent best practice for preventing email forgery.  SPF

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Year after year, more and more companies are choosing to use encryption to secure their outgoing messages and data. Even more than half of entities declare the use of all kinds of encryption methods, at the forefront of which are

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