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We provide our clients with services based on public key cryptography, allowing for the protection and security of confidential information such as personal data, financial transactions, or business information. Through the use of a public key infrastructure, our systems enable secure data transmission over networks, ensure confidentiality and integrity of information, and allow for verification of the authenticity of electronic signatures and seals. Our offer also includes implementation of hardware security modules (HSMs), which are essential in building advanced security systems.

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Electronic signatures

For many years, we have been providing tools for creating and verifying electronic signatures and seals. Each solution proposed by us is compliant with the eIDAS regulation and the European standard EN 319 102-1 - only tools that meet these standards provide the basis for the correct verification of an electronic signature.


Hardware security modules

Each HSM device deployed by us for the purpose of qualified electronic seal meets the requirements of the Common Criteria EAL4+ standard and is approved as a Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD).


Public key infrastructure

We create proprietary PKI products that are optimized for the specific needs of our clients. As a result, our solutions are more flexible and tailored to specific business requirements. We have extensive experience in designing and implementing PKI systems in accordance with regulations.


A specialist in the IT field with many years of experience in the area of PKI. Krzysztof is the creator and lead programmer of cCA, cTSA, cToolkit, and Signive products. He specializes in areas such as electronic signatures, hardware security modules, and public key cryptography. As the founder of Cryptive, he is involved in the process of building, implementing, maintaining, and developing PKI systems, as well as dealing with compliance, standards, and regulatory requirements such as eIDAS, IETF RFC, and ETSI. Thanks to his knowledge, experience, and self-developed best practices, he is able to ensure high quality and security of PKI systems.

Krzysztof Osiński
Founder & PKI Engineer at Cryptive

Qualifications confirmed by certificates and practical experience

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